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"Goodman emphasizes the expression of emotion."

~ Oregonian

photo: John Klicker Dance Gatherer is a company that creates original contemporary dance and music. As an artistic director, Mr Goodman has taken on the challenges of interpreting the human experience when we encounter momentous occasions such as racism, death, ceremony and the fulfilled and unfufilled desires of life.

Mysticism and archaic movements enrich our work. The ancient dance systems contain movement as metaphor which have addressed human longing, celebration and suffering for millenia. Bringing these systems into a contemporary dance context is very much a continuation of the kind of research, development and artistic expression in which some of the early pioneers of modern dance were involved during the beginning of the last century.

The movement that inspires our work predates print culture. Many of the secular and non-secular dances in Brazil, Cuba and Jamaica have their origins based in the Yoruba Pantheon of deities that were brought by African slaves to the New World.

Dance Gatherer explores these dances and themes in order to better express contemporary feelings. The blend of European ballet and American modern dance techniques with Afro-Caribbean and Asian movement is a hybrid of forms that Mr. Goodman has crafted for years.