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Keith V. Goodman has worked in dance education at the primary, secondary and University levels for the last 20 years. As an educator his research is specialized in the folkloric dance and cultural traditions of the African diaspora, particularly those of the Afro-Caribbean traditions.

Mr. Goodman is currently a dance educator for Buckman Elementary Arts Magnet School, in Portland, Oregon. He is also a freelance dance educator and consultant annually with the Oregon Episcopal School and Jackson Middle School in Portland, OR.

Mr. Goodman has traveled the US to various primary, secondary and university locations (including Jackson Middle School) whose sites have opted to use the Leonard Bernstein Center for Learning model of school reform which includes the arts in traditional curriculum.

In 1999 he founded the Dance Gatherer Camp for Kids to broaden children's perspectives in the arts. The arts camp is designed after Mr. Goodman's philosophy that dance and movement arts can be taught to children in a non-stereotypical way.